Mindful Sport Performance Podcast

Ep. 56: Flourishing with Drs. Adam Wright and Nick Holton

February 17, 2023 Dr. Keith Kaufman & Dr. Tim Pineau Season 4 Episode 11
Mindful Sport Performance Podcast
Ep. 56: Flourishing with Drs. Adam Wright and Nick Holton
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Show Notes

In this episode, Drs. Adam Wright and Nick Holton join the conversation.

Dr. Adam Wright is a peak performance coach who supports a broad range of performers including elite athletes, Fortune 400 corporate leaders, professionals in military and law enforcement, and creatives from the entertainment world. Adam's work is dedicated to exploring how individuals in teams can leverage and build the cognitive skills, emotional intelligence, and physical capacities to flourish professionally and personally. He is the founder of Arete Fitness and Performance Training Inc. and co-founder of the Antifragile Academy LLC and Elevate Performance Group LLC. He currently serves as Director of Mental Skills Training for the Washington Nationals and Senior Mental Skills Consultant at Performance Optimal Health, Physical Therapy, and Rehabilitation clinics.

Dr. Nick Holton is an international consultant, coach, speaker, and author who has worked with professional and collegiate athletes, Fortune 500 business leaders, as well as educators and thought leaders from around the world. His work focuses on human flourishing and his current roles and projects include consulting and co-directing the human flourishing efforts at the Shipley School, co-hosting FlourishFM, and running the Antifragile Athlete startup.

Tim begins with a brief settling practice. Then he, Keith, Adam and Nick discuss:

[9:12]  Conceptualizing human flourishing

[12:55]  The complementary relationships between mindfulness and flourishing

[17:00]  Distress tolerance and non-judgment

[22:29]  Growing issues with the mindfulness "brand" as the concept has become more mainstream

[26:09]  The effort to connect concepts to client's experiences and the power of autonomy in this pursuit

[35:23]  Taking an "ecosystemic" approach to delivering mental performance interventions in organizations

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