Mindful Sport Performance Podcast

Ep. 48: RESETTING in Sport with Dr. Ashley Kuchar

October 14, 2022 Dr. Keith Kaufman & Dr. Tim Pineau Season 4 Episode 3
Mindful Sport Performance Podcast
Ep. 48: RESETTING in Sport with Dr. Ashley Kuchar
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Show Notes

In this episode, Dr. Ashley Kuchar joins the conversation.

Dr. Ashley Kuchar is the founder of Fail Better Training, and is passionate about helping athletes learn to respond to challenging situations in ways that foster resilience rather than relying on self-criticism. She completed her Ph.D. in Educational Psychology at the University of Texas at Austin working alongside Dr. Kristin Neff. While pursuing her doctorate, she received a NCAA research grant which aided in the development of RESET, a program she created as part of her dissertation. Working with over 250 student-athletes, she found that RESET supported adaptive coping, well being, and sport performance.

Ashley played basketball at Fort Lewis College and ranks among that school's career leaders in six major categories. At the conclusion of her college career, she was nominated for NCAA Woman of the Year.

Ashley begins the episode with a Resilience RESET exercise. Then, Keith, Tim, and Ashley discuss:

[7:17] Reflecting on the Resilient RESET exercise

[9:15] Comparing mindfulness-based and compassion-based approaches to sport performance enhancement

[15:12] Exploring the origins of the very common fear-based motivational style

[20:40] The challenge of creating accessibility when teaching concepts like self-compassion to athletes

[26:00] Applying the RESET program to coaching

[32:53] What the RESET program looks like in practice

[38:42] The efficacy and outcomes of the RESET program

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