Mindful Sport Performance Podcast

Ep. 42: Running Mindfully with Chrissy Horan

March 18, 2022 Dr. Keith Kaufman & Dr. Tim Pineau Season 3 Episode 12
Mindful Sport Performance Podcast
Ep. 42: Running Mindfully with Chrissy Horan
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Show Notes

In this episode, Chrissy Horan joins the conversation.

Chrissy Horan is a public health professional turned freelance writer and runner. After almost 20 years of studying and promoting healthy behaviors like nutrition, physical activity, and sleep in academic, government, and non-profit organizations, she changed career paths to pursue a long-term interest and hobby: writing.

She has since spent her time writing about health, wellness, and fitness for publications like Runners World, Women's Running, and The Boston Globe.

Chrissy is a life-long athlete who began running upon moving to Cambridge, MA in 2000. She has completed 14 marathons and several more races in-between. Chrissy was introduced to mindfulness and meditation through yoga, and continues to be interested in its practice and application in life and sports. 

Keith begins the episode with a brief grounding practice, and then he and Chrissy talk about:

5:55 - Chrissy's experience researching and writing about the science of mindfulness in running for Runner's World.

9:30 - How you may be experiencing moments of mindfulness without realizing that is what you're actually doing.

11:10 - A real-life example of forming key associations, a critical component to the Mindful Sport Performance Enhancement (MSPE)® program.

14:40 - Viewing running as a dynamic form of meditation.

19:30 - How mindfulness impacts parenting and other parts of life.

23:10 - Cultivating mindfulness as a lifestyle rather than just something to be called on when you're stressed.

25:50 - Reframing mindfulness practices as mental strength training.

27:40 - The reception to Chrissy's article within the running community.

31:45 - Combating the "Mc-Mindfulness" movement.

34:40 - Chrissy's career shift after 20 years in public health and the role that mindfulness played.

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Runner's World: The Research-Supported Benefits of Meditation for Runners



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